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So we experienced a 1-kilometer long zipline, and it was AWESOME! This was the longest and the highest and the awesome-est, full of epicness, zipline I ever rode.

This particular zipline I’m referring is located in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato in Southern Philippines. It is a 2 hour ride from the city of General Santos. It takes time and a lot of preparation to go there, but I guarantee, that wouldn’t matter if you reach the place.

When you reach Lake Sebu, you will need to go the place of awesome natural views called the 7 falls. Literally, this place has 7 waterfalls. Every waterfall has a name, native T’boli names, which I did not know.

Before you go zipping, you can easily access the first waterfall, just few steps away where you can enjoy the majestic view and capture it with your family/friends.

Now to talk about the zip-line experience. For only 250pesos, you can enjoy a ride of OOZING AWESOMENESS. It covers two zipping experiences. The 1st one is a 700meter long zip line from falls #2 to #5. Probably the highest point I ever had in my life! I don’t know how high it was but it was really really HIGH! You can see the trees, rivers, and waterfalls from below. Then the 2nd zip is a 400meter long zip back down. 


*Here is me with my little sister:

You can also visit some of the other waterfalls, but it needs a lot of hiking. Well, we got to visit one of them, and it was humongous. The view is so beautiful. The current is so strong.

Lake Sebu is a must-visited place. You can find a lot of stuff other than this. The T’boli culture is great and beautiful. 

Here is a video of me with my little sister zorell in 1st zip line:


Here is another video of me with my other sister, Johanne, in the 2nd zip line:


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